It's just the RIGHT thing to do....

I must say, life and it many surprises forced me to do this blog. I am speaking for all PROFESSIONALS today, and the key word is professionals. It is so important, when you make an appointment and you realize you will not be able to make the appointment to call, email or text to cancel. It’s just the right thing to do… I don’t know any other way to say it. It’s just the right thing to do.

Professionals prepare for meetings, they arrive early to make the atmosphere warm and cozy for meetings, they ensure their appearance is professional and inviting for meetings and the block off time from their family, friends and other events for meetings. Most importantly when time is blocked off to meet with a client, we are now losing money for that schedule meetings. Now, frustration has set in and when we decide to change our policy to where we will charge for meetings/consultation, we now have to deal with individuals stating…” Oh they charge to met with them, they must be special or think they are Top of the Line”. YES, I am special…. to my husband, my children and all the clients that I serve everyday and give them 100% of me. The same clients, I denied a meeting with to schedule a meeting with you and you didn’t think to even reach out to cancel. And yes, I am Top of the Line, I’m assuming that's why the appointment was made. We all are Top of the Line, to the clients who seek to do business with us.

Time is valuable, that’s the one thing you can not get back and first impressions is an exchange that work in both directions. If a client makes an appointment and I am late, unprofessional, dressed unprofessionally and etc., that client would more than likely NOT want to do business with me. This works the same for a client who makes an appointments, receives weekly and daily reminders and choose not to contact for cancellation.

To all my colleagues and business professionals…You are Welcome.

To other readers, if this is you or you have done this before…lets just all do better. Respect time, respect the person…It’s just the Right thing to do!

-Be Blessed, Andrea

I'm WHO?

So you’re NOW engaged and after 22 years of life, you “ realized” you’re FAT! You’ve joined a gym, hired a trainer and started weightwatchers all in the same day!! So now when we go try to have a planner/bride bonding experience at a restaurant, we can only eat avocado and a spinach salad with no dressing. I DONT EAT LIKE THAT… everyone knows I love food! So once again, I have to take off my PLANNER HAT and put on my WE EATING SOME CHICKEN NEXT WEEK HAT!

How many brides have I had to coach through the I’m fat syndrome??? If I have to hear another bride say, “ I’m so fat” while standing in a Vera Wang gown, shaped like Ciara…I am not going to Level UP but GET UP and walk out. Listen sis, you’ve gotten what most women dream of…a FIANCE! And guess what, if you are FAT, he LOVES your FAT self. We as women are our worst critic. You see that image below? Look down, all the way down. Yea, that’s FAT OH ME!!! Yep, at 99 pounds soak and wet, I was walking around screaming I’m FAT. Tender age of 20 and complaining! You can only imagine how may eye rolls, I received on a daily bases! BUT now, I’m an advocate for some cushion for the pushing!! I believe that woman should have curves and clearly most women agree because, they stay in the gym making booties, thighs and hips.

Sis…beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the Bible states, that a women draws her husband close to God and persuades him by her humble and quiet spirit not by her appearance. Release the pressure, there is always someone bigger than you. Focus on your DRAWING POWER and not if you’re getting wider!

I must admit, I’m a little OCD when it comes to my weight and my husband told me these words just the other day and it changed my outlook-Focus on being healthy. God created all of us, BUT very different and you must learn to love the bone structure he used to design YOU. Love you, all of you even if its ALOT of YOU…love you! Honor his temple, your body is his dwelling place. Take care of it but don’t stress it out with quick diets, extreme cardio and etc.

Choose to be Healthy not FAT….but who are you really FAT to?

P.S.- Just incase my pep-talk didn't work….I must admit….those waist trainers are the TRUTH!!! You may pass out but that waistline will be snatched!!!

-Be Blessed from a really really FAT girl..hence the image below. I just rolled my own eyes at myself!!

skinny me.jpg


Well I guess the old saying out with the OLD and in with the NEW is true because, somehow my 2018 BLOGS were deleted! Oh well, lets do this 2019.

For those of you who don’t really know me, I love to write. I am probably the only 37 year old that still write checks. I have journals for days! I write short stories! I hand write letters to my husband and I still do my budget on paper. SOOOOO why not jump all over this Blogging thing.

Plus where do I vent…. duh HERE!!!

Clients/Brides get to vent all the time about ummmmm nothing. Just kidding…I’m a jokester too. I choose to be happy! I love God, so try to find the humor in some of my biblical context. Hey… I can’t remove who I am. I am a child of the KING! King JESUS that is and I just want to share my joy, via the KING with each of you.

This will be more of a therapeutic blog for me and an informative blog for ya’ll. Oh yes, I’m a country gal too.

Be blessed…lets BLOG!

Please share and leave comments! I’d love to hear from you!