Ohh you too expensive...TO YOU!

Things you hear at the beautician…“ Oh they High” Oh they expensive” “ They like their products” was thrown around like a hot potato and all I could do was shake my head, while knowing my beautician was doing the same. Every time I hear this, I get so tickled!!! I know there is another entrepreneur laughing with me! First let me say this for all of us…EXPENSIVE is a relative word. PWC is so blessed to service several clients all of the United States and one thing we don’t want people to think is that we are too expensive. I deal with so many different types of clients, some with little budgets, big budgets, no budgets and really really small budgets and guess what, I can accommodate all. I always give clients more than what the pay for. I give them my best, I work as if I am working for the LORD. The problem for those who say, “ ya’ll so high”, is their eyes are WAY bigger than their wallet and that’s OK!

Let’s just be honest with ourselves, we do want we want to do. We pay for what we want to pay for and once again, expensive is a relative word.

In my opinion:

A sew- in with Brazilian hair is expensive. ( I use regular hair)

Front row tickets to a Beyoncé Concert is expensive. ( I was way up, could barely see her)

Purchasing a brand new Jaguar is expensive. ( I drive a Ford Explorer)

Staying at the Peabody for a night is expensive. ( I only stayed back in the day, when I was still leaving with parents)

Sending your child to private school is expensive.( Been there, done that and complained the entire time)

And eating at Char after 5:00 p.m. is expensive ( I only go with my husband, so he can pay- just keeping it honest)

However, there is someone somewhere with gorgeous Brazilian hair, driving a Jaguar, with children in private school, who sat on the front row of the Carter Tour Concert in 2018, who eats at Char for dinner on the regular and who is going to see Lebron in Memphis in March who will stay at the Peabody…and guess what? That’s their lifestyle and they will not utter not one time, any of it is expensive because EXPENSIVE to them is not relative to those things listed above.

On a funnier note…that same person would come to PWC for service and say, “ My goodness ya’ll expensive”. Where is the hand on your face emoji, when you need it! LOL LOL LOL

All jokes aside, lets be mindful in 2019 on how we use that word. It is absolutely nothing wrong with saying, something or someone is expensive…just add TO ME! Oh and back to my beautician above, to some she is expensive but for me, I’m going to keep paying whatever amount she charges me because she is worth every dime!

As professionals, when a potential client comes to you and states another professional is “ High” or “ Too Expensive”, just be reminded we are completely unaware of the service(s) requested and also be reminded cutting deals, giving discounts and negotiating in the end may result in happy clients but leaves you pinching pennies.

I will not pinch pennies in 2019!

  • Be Blessed, Andrea

    this is my therapy, my journal that I am sharing with the world. these blogs, are non-related to clients. all blogs are derived from friendors request, followers request, information I’ve experience, been given or over- heard in passing.