What to do with the kids....

Years ago, weddings were all about the family. The WHOLE family…mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all of the sweet nieces and nephews. But now, weddings are about the adults and the PARTY! A party, that we don’t want children involved. But here is the problem with that, what about the guest who have children..lots of them. When you do ADULT ONLY receptions, you force your out of town guest to make a pretty tough decision. The decision to stay at home or come and PAY someone to watch their children. You don’t want that, you want your invited quest to be able to come and celebrate with you and not have to pay someone to watch the babies…they’ve already spent enough to get there.

So let me share 4 ideas on how we can solve the whole children at the wedding issue:

  1. Have a separate area for the children. Book a venue that allows you to have a separate space for the children. A space that is kid friendly, filled with games, activities and lots of snacks! Hire someone to watch the children, and this will make for a great evening for the parents. Their kids are safe, in the same building as they are and they are having a ball and so are the parents.

  2. If your venue doesn’t have adequate space for a children play area or reception, then create a space just for the children at the reception. We do this a lot at our events, we create an area for the children. They normally have a table, brightly colored, filled with activities and goody bags. They are happy, busy and snacking away.

  3. Everyone knows that they real reason, we are leaning towards Adult Only Receptions is because the kids take OVER! They take over the dance floor… bucking, hoping and running. SOOOO, why not create a dance area, just for them. Let them dance the night away….in their own space and out of the way of the adults.

  4. And if all else fails…just go back to how it use to be and let the children come. The bible say…suffer the little children to come until me…literally let those babies come and enjoy. All we can do is pray that the parents will STEP UP when their children STEP OUT of line.

be blessed!

~from your FAV event planner, Andrea… lover of Christ

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Scriptural Reference: Matthew 19:14