Why choose an event planner...

Why choose an Event Planner…..ummmm let me try NOT to scream the answer…..because it will keep you SANE!!! Planning an event can be overwhelming but planning a wedding is a horse of a different color!!! But guess what? That horse can get right, when you decide to hire an event planner.

An event planner who takes the initiative to educate oneself on the latest trends, build relationships with vendors, is involoved in the community and has an unlimited amount of knowledge and resource can be a life saver for you. Event planners spend countless hours researching, meeting, collaborating and sharpening their skills to be the best they can be for you. An event planner is designed to make your life as stressless as possible, we’re you’re GO TO. We’re the next best thing to long time hair stylish or barber. We’re the ones you cry with, laugh with, share the good, the bad and the ugly with…we know your deepest fear/ sercrets and we will share one of your happiest moments, becoming a bride. We’re important and we are worth every penny!

If I was asked to offer 1 bit of advice to any person planning an event, especially a wedding on what to look for in an event planner/wedding planner, it would be FRIENDSHIP. Make sure you choose someone that you can see as your bestfriend because you will be spending a lot of time together. If that person can’t make you laugh, when you call- answer HEY GURRLL, take off the planner hat ever once and a while to let her hair down to enjoy life with you, know when you aren’t happy with a vendor, a food choice, the look and taste of a sample cake, the dress you tried on and can’t give you an honest answer when you ask, “What do you think”"? That is not your person. When you ask, “ what do you think”- responding “ it’s your day, it doesn't matte what I think”…isn’t always the best answer. You hired an event planner for their opionion.

Lastly, be reminded of the old saying- You get what you pay for! An event planner, has the task to plan your entire event. A 300 guest wedding, a Large Corporate Conference, your only grandmother’s 80th birthday party and your oldest son’s graduation dinner. These moments are precious and you want them executed well. Event planners who may appear to be expensive, aren’t expensive. They understand their worth, their value and they know that they are going to give 115% of them to give you the best event ever.

So again, why hire an event planner…. because it's the wise and sane thing to do!

~Be Blessed

from your FAV event planner, Andrea lover of Christ and

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