Enjoy...it’s your wedding day!

As a young girl, you dreamed of your BIG Day! The day, you would become a wife. You’ve tried on dresses- your moms, your grandmothers, even your neighbors and now it’s YOUR turn. You’ve been in 22 weddings as a flower girl, hostess, bridemaids, bridal attendant and even sung a note or two! The day has finally arrived and you say the craziest thing, “Oh I can do this...I can plan, decorate and coordinate my wedding”. Where is the hand over your face emoji when you need it?Uh, come again...say what now?  NOOOOOO, no you can not. Why would you say that? Insanity, I tell you!

OK, OK, I get it! You’re are very organized. You plan all the office parties, family gatherings and throw your children the best birthday parties in town BUT it’s not your wedding. And lets be honest, after every event that you so perfectly plan and execute... you are exhausted and you  probably wanted to scream the entire time! It’s work, work NO bride should have to do. 

What you should be doing is laughing, shopping, tasting, trying, eating, smiling, crying...even drinking if that’s your thing! You should be trying on gowns, and twirling around. Eating cake and staying out with your girls late! High Fiving and Vibing! Kissing your boo and some extra stuff too...hint hint...again, if that’s your thing!

What I’m trying to say is...

Enjoy your day and HIRE an event planner. It is the best investment you will ever make! ITS YOUR DAY!

- Be Blessed