RSVP for ME stands for RESERVING A SEAT IS VERY PROPER... it's the proper thing to do.

So why don't we?

PWC has coordinated hundreds of weddings and I have yet to understand why, guest don't see the urgency and importance of dropping a pre-stamped envelope in the mail. Every important event in America requires RSVP, and we abide by that request. Graduation, Birthday Party, Surprise Party, Christmas Play, Baby showers, Bridal showers, Holiday Office Party, and etc.

Lets take it a little bit further, you have to even reserve a date for a doctor's visit. Try to show up unannounced and see what happens. The doctors office, can show us event planners how to truly turn someone around. The doctor even charges for being a walk-in, roughly $25.00. That's really an insanely fabulous idea! Guest show up to a wedding uninvited and didn't RSVP... and you will be access a fee. Simple as that!  Do you know how many folks, I would have to fight? Even in their wrong! They would be completely upset. But lets be realistic and honest, you will just be paying for the plate you didn't RSVP for, that's natural free when you do.

All jokes aside, let me try to get you to see it as a wedding vendor. It's just embarrassing on so many levels for all vendors. If a bride has stated to all her vendors that she is expecting 150 guest, but 275 show up..those additional 125 guest have now cause the caterers to look unequipped because they are rationing food, trying to make it stretch and will more than likely run out. The Photographer/Videographer DID NOT feel the need to have 2 additional people to cover the entire room, so now they look as if they aren't  staffed. The coordinator looks incompetent and unprepared, because she is now bringing out 15 additional tables, that has to be dressed and squeezed into a space that can truly only accommodate maximum 200. The coordinator also now appears to be rude and impatient to the guest, because he/she is fluster because their well planned agenda/flow of the day, has been completely thrown off. The baker now appears to be unprofessional because the cake didn't' serve the additional 125 individuals.

Now you are probably saying, no one thinks that far. YES, they do! The 10 years I've been in business all of my clients comes from events they have attended that we have decorated, hosted, coordinated and etc. They are impressed by how well we execute them. But when guest don't RSVP, it potentially can cause each vendor the missed opportunity of potentially having 275 new clients because 125, decided not to RSVP.

You's bigger than you. It's bigger than that paper, the mailbox and the mailman. Think of the couple, be considerate of them. They thought enough of you, to invite you and they extended an additional courtesy by stamping the response card for YOU!

The only person happy out of this scenario above, is the DJ. He now has 275 people he can keep on the dance floor. Go FIGURE!!!