Andrea C. Oscar-Hopkins, Owner

Perfection started as a small dream in a dorm room on Tougaloo's College Campus, in the year 2000. Andrea was sharing her dream of starting a wedding planner business in the name of Perfection to her friends in 2007. One of Andrea's sorority sisters contacted her, reminding her of that dream and asked if she would plan, decorate and coordinate her wedding. 

In 2008,  Andrea directed her first wedding for Dr. Sheree Melton. M.D.  This gave her the boost she needed to turn her dream into a reality. Starting with 2 employees, where she could only pay with Thank You Cards and a smile, with only offering wedding planning services- to growing to an All Inclusive Event Planning Company. The business growth, and demand for events beyond weddings forced her to change the name from Perfection, to Perfection Wedding Coordinating & Events, LLC, with now 14 team members.

PWC is an EVENT planning company based out of Brandon, MS, that specializes in weddings and themed events. PWC service clients all over the U.S., with 50 % of their clients from other states. At PWC, we believes that marriage is a union between and man and a woman and we love to witness these multi-cultural events and have created varies areas of services to execute that BIG day.

You can also look to PWC for all your rental needs: Chiavari Chairs, Throne Chairs, Event Props, Corporate Events and etc.

Ericka Allen/2009

Alisha Phillips/2010

Leslie Christmas/Executive Team 2013

Leslie Christmas/Executive Team 2013

Jessica O'banner/2012

Jessica O'banner/2012

Alesha Oscar-O'banner Event Specialist 2008

Karen Evans lead event coordinator/Executive Team 2008

Erin Duffy-Ward lead Event coordinator/Executive Team 2010

Eddie Williams  Event Tech/Executive Team 2012

Eddie Williams Event Tech/Executive Team 2012

Allyson Brooks  /2015-Assistant

Allyson Brooks /2015-Assistant

  • Other Team Members of PWC Not Shown:

  • Rosie Jenkins-/2014

  • Monique Joyner-/2015

  • James Taylor/2017

  • Ayanna Kinnel/2017

  • Erica Fell/2018


View this quick video of our service! Its a MUST SEE!

Perfection Wed: Behind the Scenes