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Plan, Design ...Educate!

I started PWC in 2008 with just a dream and determination with very little help extended to me. During that time, we ( those in the industry) were competing daily to see who could make the next dollar. At that time, I didn’t see the importance of BUILDING a Brand, I was focused on growing fast and being the BEST! Being the best without proper training, mentoring, prayer, continued education, and financial resources ( from a financial institution) came at a great cost. Cost to myself and my family! About 4 years ago the direction of some business owner’s model became a concern for me. My heart went out to them, I saw how they were running around in a circle, just like I was with no direction. I can still see it! Things look all together on social media but we all know, far too well that what it looks like, isn’t always what it is.

We should not take clients, just to say, “I have a client” or to make a quick dollar to appear progressive to barely break even. We all should be successful! Knowledge is power and I thank God with 14 years of experience, I am filled with it. And I want to help YOU go to the next level in your business!

In 2016, I paid a florist to travel from Memphis to train me on the basics of floral design. She trained me and a few of my staff for 4 hours. You have no idea how those 4 hours, changed the entire direction of PWC. I invested in my business and I am enjoying the benefits of my return daily because I continue to invest in PWC by learning from others!

Invest in YOU! Invest in your Brand! Grow your business! Find JOY every day, in what you do!

“Always look, operate & educate yourself in positions of where you desire to be.”- Johnny Ray

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