This Month's Featured Event

September 2nd, 2018 was a day to remember as we FINALLY had the opportunity to introduce the VAULT VENUE to PWC! And with the perfect couple! Shan and Jay were amazing to work with, fun fun and more fun! This is one of the first events, where I can say fell in love with the entire family! The love and support shown to this couple was heart warming. Shan gave us her vision and we give it that PWC touch and when I say those yellow napkins stole the show… they did! The Vault Venue didn’t require much with it being such a beautiful venue, with such personality and style. We loved everything about September 2, 2018.

Thanks to another great collaboration with That Special Touch, KPartee Films, Oscar's Catering and Planning/Coordinating with Decor Design Perfection Wedding Coordinating Company.

Images are a collaboration of Partee Photography, Dana Boyd Photography and the Vault Venue.