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You're HERE and I'm excited for you...

MASTERIT is a coaching program that will teach each participant how to maintain the business, grow it properly, increase their income, and do so while maintaining a healthy emotional and mental state.
The program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not going to change your business in 30 days. This is not going to make you Mr. and Mrs. Popularity tomorrow. If that is what you desire, this is not for you.
This program is for individuals who are looking for longevity in their businesses. This is a program where you will learn how to survive the vitality of entrepreneurship and how to continuously grow your business and adjust as the demand and desires of clients change. This program is about STEADY & SMART growth; mastering your craft, increasing your business knowledge, and becoming the MASTER in your industry so that you can invest in someone else.

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Why choose me? What makes me special?

I have experienced it ALL and created a model to maintain success. 

This model has allowed me to:

  • Celebrate 16 years of business in 2023

  • Staff development over 16 years for 3–30 members

  • Served over 400 brides

  • Execute over 400 Events

  • Offer a multitude of services

  • I became skilled in fresh florals ( 2014) and I am the lead florist for PWC

  • Traveling Event Planner and Designer

  • I am a mentee and mentor.

  • Created accounting systems that have assisted in propelling other entrepreneurs.

  • Degree in Psychology

  • Certified in Anger Management (an important skill in this industry)

  • 15 Years of Banking, Finance, Management, and Customer Service Experience

  • 5 Years of Venue Management Experience

  • A Leader in the Community

  • Successful Event Rental Business 

  • Execute Floral and Business Workshops

  • Designed a Becoming a Wedding Planner Curriculum

  • Voyage ATL: August 2022: Daily Inspiration

  • The Best of Mississippi Awards: The Ultimate Event Planner The Best Event Planner 2022

  • Hometown Magazine Wedding Edition 2020: Expert Wedding Planner

  • Mississippi Business Journal: Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs with the Most Employees 2020

Lastly, I am having a heck of a lot of fun!


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Jamie Rae Events

Andrea is just as her business name states, she is "perfection". She has helped me tremendously in my jourey as an event designer. Andrea's expertise in fresh floral design, event planning/design, and pricing are unmatched and necessary  in this business. Before her class, I did not have the confidence to price according to my worth; I didn't have a professional support system to guide me in my journey. If you are contemplating enrolling in her offered classes, I urge you to invest in yourself as I did, you will not regret it and you will gain a lifelong friend and mentor that is truly invested in you!
Dionne- Whittington Events

Invest In You!



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