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A testimonial that keeps US motivated...

“Ok, so first off.....I'm picky. Yes. I have a very particular taste, and everyone who knows me understands that if I'm going to hold an event, host a party, or plan a wedding, then it's going to be executed with the highest attention to detail and planning. No foolishness. No excuses.

That is EXACTLY what I received from Perfection Wedding Coordinating.

As a newly engaged bride who was relocating to Mississippi, I didn't know a soul. I prayed over the decision to hire Perfection Wedding Coordinating to execute my wedding. God truly answers all prayers. From the moment we began working together, PWC sourced only the most professional and experienced vendors. PWC understood that for the client event to run perfectly, all associated parties, from the top down, must be true professionals. They get it.

I met Andrea with a clear and articulated vision of what I wanted to see on my wedding day. What I did not expect, and what has remained with me long after the wedding concluded, was the way Andrea and her team made me FEEL on my wedding day....special, cared for, relaxed, and honored.

As a self-described "control freak", it was initially difficult to place such a memorable and solemn occasion in the hands of a stranger. But what I very quickly learned (and you will too!), is that Andrea's hands are trusted hands, gentle hands, skilled hands....and her hands are led by an incredibly compassionate heart and critical mind. All of these gifts are used to bless her brides, which is why she is no longer a stranger, but a dear friend.

After accepting your fiance's marriage proposal, hiring PWC is the best decision you can make to ensure the start of a beautiful life together.

With Sincerest Bridal Gratitude,

Bahiyyah Greer

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